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How to Connect Mirabel’s Marketing Manager to Your Favorite Apps

Christie Calahan
Nov 7, 2017
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Wouldn’t it be great if all of your favorite sales and marketing tools were connected within one neat little software package? While we all know it’s easier said than done, it’s actually not as complex as you think.

About Zapier

If you have heard of terms like “applet” or “IFTTT”, which stands for “if this, then that”, there is a good chance you’ve heard of Zapier too, which connects to over 750 apps. However, for those of you who are not familiar with Zapier, it is an “iPaaS”, which stands for “Infrastructure Platform as a Service”. It also rhymes with “SaaS”, or “Software as a Service”, for a good reason actually; it’s an application that connects all your SaaS products in a useful, automated way.


How Zapier works with Mirabel’s Marketing Manager

If you’re using Mirabel’s Marketing Manager for lead generation, lead management, data enrichment, and or CRM capabilities, you can now use our prebuilt Mirabel’s Marketing Manager “zap” templates to connect external marketing systems two different ways:

  1. First, you can add or copy contact data captured by another app to your Marketing Manager account.
  2. Or, you can do the opposite. You can send information the other direction by automatically copying newly captured Mirabel’s Marketing Manager data over to another software app, such as Salesforce.

If you plan on sending contact info both in and out of your Marketing Manager account, you will obviously need to use both types of zaps. While setting up “zaps” may seem daunting at first, you may be pleasantly surprised. These configurations are pretty simple – no coding required!

How to Configure Your Zapier Marketing Manager Templates

To help you imagine a typical “zap” scenario, here is a real-world example:

How to Use the Google Form & Marketing Manager Zap:

marketing manager integration

One you set up your free Zapier account and clicked on the Zap template, you will be prompted to authenticate your Google account followed by your Mirabel’s Marketing Manager account. For the Marketing Manager, you will need your API key for this, which is under “Setup” and “website setup” on the dashboard drop-down menu. Once you are there, you can click the gear-shaped settings icon and copy the key.

marketing manager zapier integration

Once Zapier confirms that both accounts are connected, you proceed to the “Submit Form” area, and then select the Google Form you need from the drop-down menu. In this case, you would select your raffle entry form. Then you are ready for the fun part!

Selecting Contact Form Fields

Zap template

The next step in Zapier is called “Edit Template”, which entails matching your Google contact form fields to Mirabel’s Marketing Manager fields, such as phone number and email address. But here is where things get interesting:

  • If you are an agency or publisher offering marketing services, you’ll want to ensure you select the correct website in the first field. Otherwise, you could send leads to the wrong database, which is begging for client hate mail (once they figure it out).
  • Secondly, don’t be lazy. Creating a form is about as painful as filling one out, so using “name” instead of “first name” and “last name” can be very tempting - but don’t do it! Since Mirabel’s Marketing Manager separates first name and last name, this will look bad if you plan on sending these leads a “personal” email – which isn’t personal at all. After all, “Dear Luther Weldon P. Calahan Jr.” screams “I’m wasting your time with a mass email AND I’m not even good at it”.
  • Next, you’ll want to select “Tracking Identifier” even though it’s an optional field. The truth is, this is the whole point of Mirabel’s Marketing Manager. By selecting this field, you’ll be able to capture the info that is not typed at all– such as mobile device, operating system, IP address etc. Having this info is how you detect who is visiting your website
track ggogle forms
  • And lastly, when you select your Google form (e.g. “Raffle”) in the “Page Name” field you might want to rename it based on where it’s placed (e.g. Email Raffle) if this is important to you. Let me explain:

    a. Unlike regular landing pages, which are normally configured with tracking code in the landing page set-up section of Mirabel’s Marketing Manager, Google forms are not designed to support tracking code the same way.

    b. Therefore, if you are placing this form in multiple media environments, you’ll be better off using something like Unbounce with our Unbounce zap instead. Otherwise, building an additional Google form zap for one or two media environments shouldn’t be a big deal. After all, Google forms are free!

Reaching the Finish Line

Once you finish making selections within “Edit Template”, and test it, you’re done – boom! Now each time a contact fills out your form, you will see the form submission appear in the Landing Pages Leads Report. Overall, you can expect the Zapier set-up process to take approximately ten minutes, but don’t forget to test it to make sure everything looks okay!

Important Considerations

When you set up a new zap, you may need to wait up to 30 minutes for your landing page lead to appear because our marketing intelligence database needs a chance to validate email addresses. Plus, if hundreds of incoming leads are being processed, you will drive yourself crazy refreshing the landing pages leads report; it will be like watching paint dry (trust me – I’ve done it).

Therefore, please be patient. If you run into problems, you can check out our documentation or submit a support ticket for help.

Obviously, the Google form is just one example of many– and zaps going into the Marketing Manager are more slightly complex than zaps going out – which is precisely why I picked it.

If you have other zaps you’d like to suggest, please contact us to tell us what’s on your wish list. For everyone, get to ready to zap – and enjoy the benefits of automation at its best.

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