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How to Build Your Social Media Following the Right Way In 2020

Thomas McCormick
Oct 21, 2019
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While regularly scrolling through social media, I’ve realized that half of the posts are people promoting their brand and business. Many have turned away from traditional advertising and turned to social media for good reasons. It’s an effective, free way to boost activity around your business and brand. To ensure success on social media, creativity and ingenuity are paramount.

Balance Quantity and Quality

Creating a large following has its perks as you grow. For example, Instagram allows you to attach links to your stories once you hit 10k followers. People will be more inclined to follow you if your follower number is in the thousands. Followers = Trust.

But, it’s not only the quantity of followers that matters. The quality of your follower base ensures that you aren’t just wasting your time with posts. Stay away from bots and inactive followers that are available for purchase, as it’s risky. You should instead focus on building a high-quality following through these techniques:

1) Focus on your market

Make your product stick out and do not push your following into other topics. Make it clear what you’re promoting and stick to that message. It will keep your audience interested, which will create an interactive and reliable following. You have to know what your audience wants, which can be accomplished by looking at analytics and viral posts.

This also includes knowing your audience. What are the demographics, interests and behaviors of your existing followers? This will be beneficial in creating a more effective and interesting page.

2) Pair your style with the right network

If you plan on posting more than 10 times a day, stick to Twitter or Snapchat. Attach pictures to your tweets because an image will help your tweet stand out. It is proven that tweets with images attached get 150% more retweets and 89% more likes. Higher quality but less frequent posts are perfect for Instagram and Facebook (around 2-6 posts a day is normal). Too many posts on networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram can irritate followers and cause a decrease in interest. Choose a few platforms that fit your brand and focus your efforts on those.

3) Be consistent and frequent

A sporadic posting schedule can also cause followers to lose interest, and you will lose credibility as a result. An inconsistent theme and number of posts each week is not attractive to someone scrolling through hundreds of accounts. Your followers should expect a certain number of quality posts daily which familiarizes your brand with them.

4) Connect with influencers

Following others who can relate to your product can help spread your message. Influencers hold power and credibility on social media and are always looking for new opportunities. They might follow back and share your content with their audience.

5) Interact with your followers

By responding to comments and mentions from your followers, it acknowledges their presence and increases the chance of them commenting again.When others see your brand commenting and providing thought-out responses, it inclines them to do the same. Make sure to put a face behind your business to give followers a personal connection. This builds a stronger relationship with your audience, developing a secure following.

6) Post your links everywhere

Interconnect your social media platforms by using links. It’s great to include eye-catching visuals that include your social media links on websites and advertisements. The “Contact Us” page is perfect for your links because people are already trying to get in touch with you. Additionally, you should send an email reminding people to follow your other social media accounts for more information.

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7) Use larger, unresponsive accounts to your advantage

Many large Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages ignore their followers in the comments, which leaves you with the perfect opportunity to answer their questions. They’ll notice this interaction and inevitably take a glance at your page.

8) Strategize your hashtags

If used correctly, hashtags can help people find your content and add quality to your posts. Adding humor and personality is easy through hashtags, too. Be careful, though, because excessive and unnecessary hashtags may have a negative effect on your image. Followers view your posts for real content and not an excess of hashtags.

9) Contests and giveaways

These interactions give users a reason to follow you and be active. If an incentive is added for following and sharing your account, people will flock to your post.

10) Balance earned, owned and paid media

Creating this balance with a strong marketing plan with converged media will increase your efficiency using social media.

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Know your platforms

1)    Instagram

  • Create an eye-catching bio that is simple yet informative. Always try to have something on your Instagram story because it is right next to the follow button and easily available for viewing.
  • Posting videos makes people spend more time on your post, which decreases the chance of someone scrolling by without acknowledging your account.
  • Keep the important parts of your caption at the start because it’ll get cut off after a few lines. Also, make sure to tag anyone involved in the picture and try to get tagged in others’pictures.

2)    Twitter

  • Provide useful feedback on other users’ blogs and articles. They will appreciate your effort and most likely retweet it.
  • Follow local businesses to connect with your community. If they follow back, they can retweet or like your posts, which showcases your name to their followers.
  • Try to feature trending hashtags in your tweets, if possible. With millions of users checking trending topics constantly, this could mean big exposure in the form of likes and retweets for your brand.

3)    Facebook

  • Join relevant groups to talk to potential customers. Building trust and communicating with your audience is mutually beneficial.
  • Post pictures at events you put on so your followers can tag themselves. You can reach a larger audience this way.
  • Remember, videos are more likely to go viral than pictures. Be sure to post a fair mix of pictures and videos.

4)    LinkedIn

  • You can buy LinkedIn ads to grow your page, but make sure you target the right audience.
  • Have your employees add their positions within your company to their profiles to increase activity around your page.
  • When posting content, utilize popular hashtags. Anyone searching for job postings or trends in their industries can happen upon your page.

The bottom line

At the core of large social media followings is fine-tuning your pages to represent the essence of your brand. Maintain a common theme/tone/mission throughout your posts so followers get familiar with your brand and can distinguish your content from others. Show the creativity of your business and gain followers’ trust through constant interaction. And lastly, authenticity is everything to maintaining loyal followers.

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