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How to Plan a Landing Page

Isabella McKinnon
Oct 1, 2019

Because all good things take time

What is a Dedicated Landing Page?

 Dedicated landing pages are web pages that customers get directed to after clicking on a search engine result, promotion, email or digital ad. Landing pages should entice potential customers to take action through simple-yet-exciting designs and include either a sign-up page or a product page, depending on the goal of the company creating the landing page.

What Does a Dedicated Landing Page Look Like?

 It may be somewhat hard to conceptualize what a dedicated landing page looks like without seeing a concrete example. Here’s a dedicated landing page for one of our products, Newspaper Manager:

Time to plan

So, you’ve decided you want to build a landing page. Now it’s time to plan your page’s elements.

1. Establish Definitive Goals

Before designing, ask yourself what it is you wish to gain from creating a new landing page. There are usually two potential goals companies want to achieve: growing their lists or selling their products.

Appropriate Page Designs Based on Goals

  1. Sign-Up Page: Used to grow lists and expand network. A sign-up page design relays succinct information and includes     areas for potential customers to provide their personal information. This     exists to open a line of communication between customers and the company.
  2. Product Page: Used to sell specific products, simultaneously advertising a company. Companies can directly sell items     with this type of dedicated landing page; therefore, it must be easy to     navigate in order to     purchase products in a timely fashion.

2. Determine Your Call to Action

Now that you have your customers’ attention, you need to urge them to do something. Buy this product! Request a free demo! Sign up today! Call now! You can practically guarantee a conversion with the perfect call to action, so make sure you take the time to curate a creative one relevant to your product or service. Sometimes “Buy Now” just doesn’t cut it.

3. Making an Irresistible Offer

You need to make ‘em an offer they can’t refuse. Carefully consider what makes your company’s product or service stand out among its competition. These points of distinction will be your primary selling points on your landing page.

Next, think about how you’ll convey these points. The landing page must really make your offering stick out. If that info is too difficult to locate, potential customers will likely abandon their pursuit of the offer.

In addition to making the offer stick out, provide contact information on the page in case potential customers are struggling to locate the details they need. Providing contact information also adds a personal dimension to the entire transaction, and potential customers will appreciate this immensely.

Let’s look at a Class Creator landing page to visualize what needs to be thought out.

4. Build Trust with Reviews

One last but very important element to consider before you begin designing: reviews. Dedicated landing pages should include testimonials from satisfied customers because this says a lot about the quality of a product or service. When potential customers are unsure whether they want the product or service, testimonials and positive reviews from current customers may be what helps them finally decide to buy what you are selling.


 Think about how you’ll get these reviews. You should have several quality testimonials in your arsenal before designing your landing page.

What’s Next?

Congratulations! Half the battle of having a successful landing page is planning the content. Now, it’s time to design.

When it comes to designing, there’s a plethora of opinions and resources out there. It’s difficult to sort through all the noise, so we did it for you. With these nine essential landing page design tips, you’ll be primed for success.

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