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How Mirabel's Marketing Manager Uses Website Visitor Tracking to Boost Sales

Nathan Cenovski
Jul 2, 2018
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Growth is vital for the survival of any company. To grow, you need to do two things: maintain your base and bring in new business. One of the biggest problems companies face when attempting to achieve these seemingly simple goals is knowing how to prioritize your time and who should top of your sales team’s call list. A quick and easy solution would be to somehow figure out who is really interested in your product or service - and why. This way, you don’t spend all day “barking up the wrong tree”; instead, you only reach out to the clients and prospects who want to spend more money with you.

There are myriad options on how to glean insights on who may want to use your company to solve their problems. You can check search data; you can monitor social media activity, do focus groups, hire consultants and analyze mounds of data to give you a sliver of opportunity. Each of these options has merit, and in an ideal scenario, you would employ all of them in an integrated strategic marketing plan.  But, we don’t live in an ideal world, and resources (especially time) can be limited. So, where do we start? What will get us the most “bang for our buck?”

One of the simplest, lowest risk and most common sense approaches is to employ website visitor tracking software. The benefits of using these types of tools are profound and immediate. It is common knowledge that today, everyone researches their buying decisions online and in 97% of cases, someone interested in your services will visit your site and leave without initiating a conversation with you. Right now, that is a lot of money walking out the door, and a lot of growth that isn’t happening.

However, having the ability to ID and track those 97% of potential customers gives your sales team access to their invisible pipeline. These people are interested, they know who you are and are considering you. They just need that timely nudge to take them to the next level. Often a well-timed phone call or email that touches on their topics of interest is just the nudge they need.

Some web visitor tracking tools can also provide an organizational chart to help you target other members of the same organization, many of whom are influencers or ultimate decision-makers in the process. Not only does this “insider” information give your sales team more leads “at bat”, it can also help you increase opportunities and closing rates immediately – often with no effort. Furthermore, this type of solution offers longer term benefits as it helps make your marketing smarter and more efficient. If you have digital fingerprint-based tracking code that allows you to engage in multi-channel marketing attribution, you have the formula for what converts a client and helps your company grow.

Aside from consistently tracking digital media interactions across email, land pages, and social media platforms, some website visitor tracking solutions can merge these logged behaviors with offline interactions into one traceable audit trail. By viewing a time-line of how customers converted, you can analyze an incredibly powerful data set to help drive sales and marketing strategies down the line. For example, when taking a look back, you may see that trade shows, X number of blog articles, a webinar, 2 meetings, and 11 follow-up calls or emails closed deals at a higher rate – which is great! Now you know what you need to do to push people down this path and change course as needed. In other words, this tracking mechanism can help you achieve an optimum conversion rate while also eliminating wasted marketing dollars on campaigns that don’t drive sales.

Furthermore, hollow conversions (or those that do not move through the funnel) are the bane of the marketer, mostly because it’s so difficult to know where the prospect fell off. Piecing together the clues often takes a lot of software sets: google analytics, email campaign reports, lead form submissions, leads gathered at trade shows, the dreaded spreadsheet entered into a modern digital marketing workflow, offline contacts in the CRM….etc. It’s exhausting, confusing, time-consuming and frustrating.

But, one tool that tracks a website visitor across all of the digital channels. And, it automatically integrates data from other online and offline sources to makes life simpler - finally giving sales and marketing teams the answers they need. The old saying “I know I am wasting half of my marketing budget, the trouble is, I don’t know which half” no longer needs to apply. You can now see where you are wasting your budget, and then STOP WASTING YOUR MARKETING BUDGET!

Without a website visitor identification software suite with multi-channel marketing attribution, you are stuck in the old frustrating dark ages of digital marketing, where you never really have the answers. You’re always extrapolating, piecing the clues together and also just plain old guessing. With this type of tool, you can just sit back and watch the deals roll in…well maybe that is an exaggeration, but you can finally have answers, clarity and direction. And while that data and analytics give you all that sweet clarity, your sales team is finding new prospects to contact with insight into their needs, interests and internal networks.

If you want to check out our particular tool to see how we can make sales and marketing life simpler and easier, please contact us and sign up for a demo and or free trial. You have nothing to lose.

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