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Mirabel’s Marketing Manager Now Integrates With 1,000 Other Apps

Christie Calahan
Jan 9, 2018
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Go ahead. Use any tool you like. We integrate with that too.

marketing tools integration

We all know that getting work done requires many different web tools. In fact, the average business uses anywhere from 10 to 16 applications.

Chances are, you use email platforms, cloud storage programs, design tools, project management applications and a variety of other software products. Plus, even if you use an all-inclusive tool like Mirabel’s Marketing Manager for CRM, lead management, and lead generation, you still probably use more than 10 apps – especially if you work in marketing.

For example, if you use The Marketing Manager to generate leads captured by your website and landing pages, you still need other tools, such as Webflow and WordPress, to design them. You may use one system for landing pages, and maybe a different one for websites, but how do you send contact data into your CRM without manually entering contact information? And what do you with those leads being generated from your social media marketing campaigns? It can make your head spin just thinking about it!

Easy Integrations Mean More Time & Better Decisions

If you have ever struggled with integrating all of your software apps, it’s not unusual for these headaches to affect your productivity and purchase decisions.

For example, if you love using Product A, you may shy away from purchasing Product B (even if it’s great) because product B doesn’t integrate with product A. Therefore, you chose Product C (more expensive and not as good as product B), because you are too darn busy to deal with it.

Or, you may be using tools that are great on their own, but you are stuck transferring data between each product manually.

If this scenario sounds familiar, we understand. You may not have the resources to custom code these configurations.

Finally. The Integration Shortcuts You’ve Always Wanted.

While integrating software products may seem painful, consider the following news to be a painkiller!

  • You now have the flexibility to integrate with 1,000+ apps without any custom coding!
  • Mirabel's Marketing Manager has the capability to automatically transfer data between all your favorite applications - thanks to our Zapier integration

By integrating with Zapier, a workflow automation tool, you can set up your own "Zaps", which are “mini-maps” that connect software tools and move data between one another.

Zapier Marketing Manager integration

Just imagine picking tools you love without worrying about integrations. You can use our pre-built templates for tools like MailChimp, Salesforce, and others, or you can create your own without having to hire a software developer.

Is there a combination of tools you love? Just ask us how to do it. We can make it happen with Mirabel’s Marketing Manager.

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