Tech Savvy: When Martech Migration Makes The Most Sense

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Mark McCormick
June 26, 2024

In marketing, recipes can often call for a dash or two of overconfidence … for better or worse.

Just look at the 92% of marketers who told RPE Origin that they were very or somewhat confident they could manage their tech migration, despite 62% having three or less migrations in their experience, and “fewer than 4 in 10 … experienced in dealing with a full tech transition.”

RPE Origin’s paper, titled “The State Of The Technology Migration Process In Enterprise Organizations,” attempts to both identify the “factors that drive changes in the martech stack” and, in the process, “burst the confidence bubble here.”

More than two-thirds (67%) said improving efficiency and productivity was their top reason for seeking changes in their martech stacks, followed by reducing costs (52%), staying competitive (48%), and aligning with organizational goals (46%). 

“While only 18% cited ‘lack of platform innovation’ as a motivator for switching platforms, it likely underscores a broader concern among decision-makers about innovation’s impact,” the paper says. “Change entails costs, prompting cautious approaches to adopting new tools. However, when a critical tool falls behind, marketers seek alternatives despite potential higher costs, recognizing the greater expense of staying on outdated platforms.”

Rpe Origin Martech Challenges

(Source: RPE Origin)

When it comes to actually addressing and changing parts of the martech stack, half said their budgets were the biggest challenge. After that, 41% said integration complexities, 39% said implementation delays, and 38% said data migration issues. 

“Change is risky,” the paper says. “Migrations are hard. But when you properly orchestrate your talent and procedures, you will be more successful, both in the migration itself and in your new and improved ways to achieve your goals and help your company.”

Overconfident marketers should probably take heed from RPE Origin’s final bit of advice:

“Always ask for help.”


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