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Why Should I Care About Website Visitor Tracking?

Christie Calahan
May 31, 2017
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If your company has more business coming your way than you can possibly handle, you probably won’t find this article helpful. For everyone else who can stand to make more money, welcome to the other 99.9999% of people.

Assuming you’re interested in acquiring more business, here is an important question worth considering: if you were shopping around for a product or service, how do you find a solution?

Besides asking friends and family, chances are you’ll name a search engine or say “www dot [something]”.  After all, companies like “Google” have essentially become a verb, and sites like Yelp can make or break a business.

What can your website tell you?

When you consider the power of the worldwide web, you may be overlooking valuable information. Assuming you have a website in this 21st century, are you using your site data most effectively?

Before you start yawning and decide to stop reading, here is an important thought worth considering: no matter how much networking and schmoozing you do, any interested prospect will land on your website eventually.

Purchase decisions that involve a decent sum of money usually don’t happen instantly. High-value purchases often take time as buyers review all options and possibilities.

If prospects are thinking about selecting your company, they’ll probably view your site multiple times throughout the decision-making process. Whether or not you know about it is entirely up to you. There could be a lot of low hanging fruit you’re missing.

How to Identify Website Visitors Beyond IP Addresses & Google Analytics

Lead identification software, which recognizes web visitors, is relatively new, but it’s growing in popularity. More and more companies are using this tool because it helps find and close new business opportunities.

While it’s hard to picture what apps like The Marketing Manager can do, good software can have a noticeable impact on a company.  To further describe what you can expect, consider the following benefits of lead tracking.

1. Improved Sales Calls

When you only have a few seconds to craft a sale pitch, you’ll want relevant data at your fingertips. Knowing what content appeals to that person helps steer the conversation -  such as product pages viewed, special offers clicked, and other web behavior.

2. Perfectly Timed Contact Efforts

When a prospect is actively viewing your website, your brand is top of mind during this key moment. If an email can alert you of specific buying signals (such as “Meeting Request”), you can make contact at this ripe point of purchase.

3. Insight About What’s Working

Just because a prospect doesn’t return your call, it doesn’t mean your sales efforts are ineffective. If your prospect is driven to return to your website, it’s still an important step in the purchasing process. Even if your contact goes “radio silent”, their website activity can indicate if a deal is still on the table.

4. Better Time Management

If you’ve ever wasted time pursuing a lead with no buying power, you’ll want to think twice about which leads are worth pursuing. If 20% of your day is spent researching prospects, imagine the business you could win if you spent that time selling. Accessing a business directory that gives you “the 411” on your website visitors helps you zero in on those who are both qualified and interested.

5. Prioritization Based on Purchase Intent

When you assign scores to various behaviors, such as “Meeting Request”, you can quantify which leads exhibit “far down the funnel” behavior. By concentrating on prospects clearly demonstrating interested behavior, there’s a good chance you’ll increase your rate of closing.

6. Better Marketing Investments

If your company invests in any form of digital media advertising, you’ll want to know if and how it contributes to each sales conversion. Digital media buys may provide clicks and impressions, but the cost per client acquisition is the more meaningful metric.  

To learn more about the many benefits of website visitor identification, please contact us for a free consultation.

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