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Navigating Complexity. Revealing Simplicity.

Make Smarter Decisions & Better Marketing Investments.

Recognize your Rock Star Marketing Assets

Finally! You can shed more light on the prospect and the process! From the first Google keyword search to the final steps of closing, The Marketing Manager helps you boost ROI for each media dollar.
Web analytics platform

Get the Complete Picture of Each Conversion

Since traditional analytics oversimplify a long purchase cycle, The Marketing Manager’s permanent, cross-channel tracking code helps you view sales and marketing interactions alongside one another. By unveiling winning formulas driving each client acquisition, you can replicate the same strategies to accelerate more closings!

Record Interactions for an Entire Organization in One Audit Trail

Most high-value purchase decisions are not based on one marketing channel nor individual; they often depend on other stakeholders throughout the company.

Reports to Stretch Your Marketing Dollars

  • Match incoming leads to Google keywords
  • Evaluate overall lead quality for each media source
  • Quantify leads by campaign & media channel
  • Compare web traffic & social media stats with competitors

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