Convert More Prospects with Lead Scoring Software

Selling and fishing have a lot in common. You can land a big catch if you know where to fish.

Prioritize Leads Based on Web Behavior

When your sales efforts focus on the hungriest buyers, you increase your ability to close more deals. While some buyers do not disclose their level of interest, Mirabel’s Marketing Manager can calculate purchase intent based on indicative behaviors on the web.

Nearly any action can be assigned a numeric value from 1-100. Even negative actions, such as email list opt-outs, can be calculated and equated.

Whitepaper Downloads
Video Views
Webinar Registrations
Clicks on Pricing
Specific Page Views
Email Opt-In
Form Submissions
Email Engagement
Social Media Behavior
By assigning a score, such as 10 points for a whitepaper click, or 20 points for a rate card download, your opportunities can be ranked based on projected success. This keeps your sales efforts more focused and fruitful while working a list in your CRM.
While combining lead scoring capabilities, organized priority fields, and a strong regular process, The Marketing Manager helped me surpass my revenue goal much earlier than I expected.
Garry Schleifer, CEO
Choice, The Magazine of Professional Coaching
I have previously used Hubspot and in addition to costing far less, it [Marketing Manager] is a far more powerful tool for lead identification and prospecting.
Mike Cook
Sales & Marketing Manager, Dynamic Network Support
The Marketing Manager helps my sales team get the right information pushed to them to close deals faster, which means more sales!
Elton Sayward, COO
Gulfstream Media Group
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