6052e1be5d7a53502f57b479 Google Workspace P 500

Google Workspace

Merge with Gmail, Calendar, and Drive.

6052e2153e1daf984a338275 Wufoo


Build custom forms that automatically sync conversion data to your Marketing Manager analytics reports.

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Create and send email campaigns to audience segments built within Mirabel’s Marketing Manager.

6052e231c61a340190c33694 SugarCRM P 500


Manage conversions and boost sales with Marketing Manager forms and workflows that automatically feed into your online CRM.

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Facebook Pages

Transfer intelligence from your social media page to your CRM.

6052fbd1756b8f3969d949f9 Facebook Leads

Facebook Lead Ads

Monitor conversions generated via Facebook within your Marketing Manager analytics dashboard.

6052e2fadf480581ec589112 Surveymonkey Zoom App P 500


Evaluate customer feedback and provide sales teams with better insights ahead of prospect meetings.

6052e3114eb69f9c804ac851 Smartsheet Vector Logo


Sync meetings and project deadlines to keep your team organized.

6052e34531585963562fdfb8 Adroll Logo Black P 500


Connect audiences, sync fields, and import lists into Mirabel’s Marketing Manager for effortless data management.

6052e35a072c995fe60df495 Salesforce Corporate Logo RGB P 800


Efficiently import customer data into Mirabel’s CRM.

6052e38b4ad5d7e5031ce46b Zapier Logo Trans P 500


Share data collected from your Marketing Manager landing pages and forms with a plethora of apps for streamlined reviewing.

6052e39f4ad5d726351ce46e Unbounce Logo


Capture leads within Mirabel’s Marketing Manager from Unbounce landing page forms.

6053437f071332e26a025edb Gotowebinar Vector Logo1


Enable webinar sign-ups directly from your website with Marketing Manager forms.

605303aa798ee2e312bcb51d Zoom Logo 512x512 1


Use Marketing Manager forms to streamline event registration and review data via analytics reports.

6052e405113ff85d1a323da3 SparkPost Standard Logo Light Backgrounds 300dpi P 500 160x42


Ensure secure email delivery when you send Marketing Manager emails with SparkPost.

6052e40fc0eb9e70ffd2f056 WordPress Logotype Alternative P 500 134x72


Incorporate custom, code-free landing pages built in Marketing Manager to your site and uncover deep insights about leads.

6052e41fa120a4c2cba0e219 Drupal 208x52


Generate leads from your website using Marketing Manager landing pages and forms.

6052e4297207040ba878ab51 Webflow P 500 176x44


Host Marketing Manager-built forms on your website and populate your CRM with prospects.

6052e4362ff34958f95acc05 Beefree 87x87


Design and deploy email marketing campaigns to audience segments created in and exported from Mirabel’s Marketing Manager.

6052e4594ad5d728e21ce78c Hubspot Logo P 500 160x64


Maintain field-mapping parameters when you import sales and marketing data into your CRM.