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Abuse & Anti-Spam Policy

Mirabel Marketing Manager’s policies on abuse and anti-spam ensure legal compliance and industry best practices for email marketing.
What are your policies on list acquisition?
Mirabel’s Marketing Manager follows industry best practices and legal standards in regards to email list acquisition. We do not allow cold emailing or buying or soliciting email lists from other companies or list-buying services. See below for our policy, including our stance against data harvesting.
If a client chooses to engage in this manner, they will experience higher spam complaints, poor sender reputation, and potential IP blocking from major ISPs. Mirabel Technologies reserves the right to temporarily suspend or terminate a client engaging in these practices
To avoid this, our marketing team recommends organic list building through strategic lead generation and conversion campaigns. Traditional marketing tactics, such as exchanging business cards or connecting on a professional network, are also appropriate strategies to build an email list. 
What are your abuse and anti-spam policies?
If you are using Mirabel’s Marketing Manager as its own software or in conjunction with The Magazine Manager or The Newspaper Manager, you must abide by Mirabel Technologies’ abuse and anti-spam policies regarding email marketing.
We ensure compliance with these policies and industry best practices through client email monitoring in order to protect our software. We also hold the right to temporarily suspend or terminate your email marketing privileges with our company should you fail to comply with the following policies and practices:
  • You may not use any Mirabel Technologies’ software to send or promote spam or abusive content.
  • You may not use our software to send unsolicited emails in bulk or one-to-one commercial messages. Unsolicited is defined as the recipient of the email has not granted verifiable permission (i.e. opt-in) for email messages to be sent to them.
  • You may not send, transmit, forward, deliver, or promote emails that violate the United States’ CAN-SPAM Act, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). 
  • You may not send, transmit, forward, deliver, or promote emails that violate any other anti-spam, security, or data protection laws that apply to you based on the country where your business is located and where your recipients are located. 
  • You may not reverse-engineer, decipher, dissemble, or update Mirabel’s Marketing Manager in any way.
  • You may not use Mirabel Technologies software to email an address obtained via data harvesting methods. Data harvesting (also known as data scraping) is defined as the act of using a malicious bot to automatically extract large amounts of data from websites, often from those with large databases (i.e. social media platforms), without permission of its users. 
  • You may not email addresses from purchased, rented, borrowed, or cold-email lists. These lists can result in higher spam complaints, poor sender reputation, potential IP and/or domain blocking from major ISPs, and blacklisting. For detailed information regarding Sender Best Common Practices, view this industry-wide reference from Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group.
  • You may not use our softwares to email an address that is incomplete, inaccurate, and/or not updated for all opt-out or unsubscribe requests.
  • You may not use any misleading or false names, email addresses, physical addresses, or copy in subject lines, preview text, body, footer, or calls-to-action.
  • You may not use invalid, non-existent, or third-party (without permission) domain names or IP addresses or employ any technique to misrepresent, hide, obscure, or deceive any information that allows recipients to identify where an email came from, how it was transmitted, who its intended recipient is, or what the email contains.
  • You may not use Mirabel’s Marketing Manager in any capacity to produce and/or send content (emails, advertisements, graphics, and the like) for a restricted industry. These industries have higher-than-average abuse and spam complaints. They include but are not limited to the following: 
  • Cryptocurrency and other digital coin offerings
  • Escort, mail-order marriage, and dating services with or without sexually explicit content
  • Pharmaceutical products, including herbal, nutritional, and vitamin supplements
  • Gambling products or services
  • Multi-level or affiliate marketing
  • Work-from-home or “make money online” opportunities
  • Follower or “like” programs for social media platforms
  • Credit repair or “get out of debt” opportunities
  • List brokers, list rental, or real estate services, including mortgage and loan assistance
  • Day trading, online trading, or stock market-related content
  • Horoscopes and other astrological content
  • You may not send emails that promote illegal activity or to harass any organization or individual. 
  • You may not use any branding of Mirabel Technologies, Mirabel’s Marketing Manager, The Magazine Manager, The Newspaper Manager, DigitalStudio, Flip & Share, or Magazine Central without prior written permission of a senior employee (as defined by managerial title or higher) at Mirabel Technologies. If permission is granted, you may only use branding within usage guidelines.
  • You may not use any design or copy elements that weren’t created by you, provided for you to use, or that would violate copyright laws.
When sending an email with Mirabel’s Marketing Manager, you agree to abide by these policies and only send emails that contain the following: 
  • Copy, design elements, email and physical addresses, and other content that is not false or misleading
  • An opt-out or unsubscribe option to identify unwanted, unsolicited, or inappropriate communications
  • A verifiable physical address or P.O. box and other contact information, such as a phone number
  • Design, copy, images, videos, logos, and other elements in conjunction with only your branding
  • Compliance with all aforementioned global legal statutes and anti-spam best practices
  • A list of email recipients that have given you permission to contact, is organically built and not bought or borrowed, and have engaged with your emails within the last year
You are also subject to and agree to abide by these policies with any integrations and on any platform used with Mirabel’s Marketing Manager.