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Website Visitor Tracking

Unmask Hidden Prospects by Name with Contact Info. The Marketing Manager Identifies Unknown Web Visitors & Tracks Every Interaction.
vistor tracking

Are you losing sales opportunities?

97% of website visitors will leave your website without making any contact.

Lurking amongst your web traffic, you have a steady stream of interested prospects. The only question is whether or not you can identify who they are and what motivates them.
No matter how many networking events you attend or how many cold calls you make, it’s hard to know whether your sales and marketing efforts are working. Leads and prospects are likely to visit your website, but without website visitor tracking software, how will you know about it?

You have 8 seconds to make an impact. How do you know when to call and what to say?

Eliminate the Guesswork

The Marketing Manager’s captures hidden characteristics of each website visitor and matches it back to unique identifiers, including an email and IP address. With each step traced throughout the acquisition process, you discover which sales and marketing efforts influenced your prospect’s decision.

Save Your Effort for Selling!

The Marketing Manager gives you answers before you call.

From pricing views to clicks on an offer, you know where to focus and which deals could close first. Plus, since Mirabel’s Marketing Manager provides company data based on an IP address or and email, your sales pitch can be tailored based on organization size, location, and revenue.
Pinpoint the warmest leads who are ready to buy first:
  • Receive alerts when target prospects visit your site.
  • View logged interactions to deliver the right message at the perfect time.
  • Instantly uncover other influential decision-makers within an organization

Start generating high quality leads today!

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