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Get All the Contact Information You Need Without Lifting a Finger

Names. Phone Numbers. Emails. Social Media Profiles.

Data enrichment

9 million companies. 50 million contacts.

Mirabel's Marketing Manager’s prospecting database gives you a head start.

Marketing Manager’s database

Reach your most valuable leads.

Between querying search engines and mining social media profiles, the time you spend fumbling for a high-quality lead could be better spent outselling your competition. Use our prospecting database of leads to get a head start on your sales efforts. 
Capture email address

Append data to each email address.

From the moment an email is captured, Mirabel's Marketing Manager creates a full profile for your new lead in the CRM. We automatically find and attach additional contact information, demographics, and relevant company data (including relationships with other individuals from the same organization) to the new contact record. 
Capture New Contacts

Outsell the competition.

Looking to target a specific company? All you need to do is visit their website. With Mirabel’s Marketing Manager browser extension on Chrome, you can instantly copy and add their contacts to your CRM in one click.
Organizational Charts

Prioritize leads.

Our lead scoring tools are the sales shortcut you’ve always wanted. Mirabel's Marketing Manager provides a quick snapshot into ever-evolving digital profiles and helps you qualify leads as “low,” “medium,” or “high.” Rank buyer behavior, receive alerts when a quality lead visits your website, and craft the perfect sales pitch based on their clickstream. 

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