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Navigate Complexity to Reveal Simplicity.

Make Smarter Marketing Decisions.

Recognize Your Best Digital Marketing Assets

Understand which part of the digital marketing process best resonates with your target customers. Mirabel’s Marketing Manager boosts ROI for each media dollar spent. 
Web analytics platform

Simplify Marketing Automation

Mirabel’s Marketing Manager offers a permanent tracking code to place on your website, landing pages, forms, and more. By tracking which content accelerates the buying process, you can repeat it, set it, and forget it.

Record Interactions for Multiple Users

The buying process involves multiple key decision-makers on multiple channels. Our tracking code and CRM combine all digital movements of individuals from the same organization to make selling to a company easier.

Prove the ROI 

  • Match high-quality leads to the keywords they searched 
  • Quantify and prioritize leads by source and/or campaign using lead scoring reports
  • See which channels produce the best leads and follow their clickstream 
  • Compare web traffic and social media analytics with competitors 

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