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Set the Industry Standard 

Understand Your Competitors’ Strengths and Weaknesses to Identify Threats and Opportunities 

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Mirabel’s Marketing Manager Puts You Ahead of the Competition 

Sifting through website updates, social media, and Google rank changes is time-consuming. Cut through the noise and get exactly what you need with our Competitor Analysis tool. 

Evaluate Your Company’s Progress

Automate your competitor analysis.

From SEO to social media marketing, get daily data on how your company ranks among the rest. 

In our easy-to-read dashboard, you can add new competitors, delete old foes, export data, and view user history.

Add URL details and software tool data for each company you want to keep an eye on, and sort by various parameters to see how you rank next to the competition — literally. 
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Website Ranking, Social Media Standing, and More

Improve your keyword ranking, website traffic, and social media marketing strategies. 

SEOSee your website’s Traffic Rank and Indexed Pages count against the competition. 
Linking DomainsView the number of domains linking to your website compared to similar sites, and download specific links.
Moz RankMeasure your link authority and popularity according to Moz against the competition.
Social Media 
Track the number of Facebook and Twitter followers per competitor.

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