20 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Email Newsletter


20 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Email Newsletter

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Carena Marchi
Jun 9, 2021

When it comes to creating engaging and unique content for the online world, the options are seemingly endless. The same goes for every email campaign that your company is sending out.

Each email you send to your subscribers and potential customers is a chance to make a lasting impression. Ultimately, the emails you send represent the brand you are trying to showcase and the community that you are trying to build.

While there are many different ways to engage your audience via email, newsletters remain one of the most effective ways to consistently reach a target market. With an email newsletter campaign, you’re able to establish a steady relationship with your audience and continuously interact with them over a long period of time. This is beneficial because it allows you multiple opportunities to engage with your subscribers and figure out how your company can seamlessly fit into their lives, starting with their email inboxes.

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Templates are a great way to start thinking about how email newsletters can benefit your company’s marketing and outreach efforts. There are also a wide variety of ideas you can explore to cater your email newsletters specifically to your target audience and business goals.

This blog will explore how you can make the most of your email newsletter. We’ll provide examples of some noteworthy email newsletter campaigns that different companies have put into action, and talk about how email newsletters are a fantastic way to bolster your brand’s image. Ultimately, the concept of branding is essential when it comes to email marketing in today’s digital world.

How do email newsletters benefit your brand?

Email campaigns are a great way to learn more about your target audience as well as help your subscribers understand why they should remain invested in what your company has to offer. Newsletters are essential if you are trying to nourish this aspect of customer loyalty. By building these relationships, your newsletters can help you keep both current and potential customers informed about your company, leading to increased sales over time.

Email marketing is a huge part of how you can develop an engaging brand image. Each email you send helps your audience understand what kind of company you are. With an email newsletter, you are able to establish a concrete representation of both your company’s and customers’ values and interests.

Over time, your email newsletter campaign has the potential to become a form of marketing content that your audience looks forward to opening and engaging with. This kind of branding opportunity is one that every digital marketer should take advantage of, because it’s convenient, consistent, and compelling.

Newsletters are one of the most powerful tools you can master whether you are a part of a large or small company. This is because email newsletters can be used to deploy a variety of messages, depending on your company’s needs at any given time. While your specific call-to-action (CTA) may change with each issue of your newsletter, the overall goal will generally remain the same: establishing a consistent stream of engagement with your subscribers.

Now that we’ve covered why email marketing newsletters are so useful when it comes to establishing your company’s image and reputation, let’s discuss some specific content ideas that will allow your company to shine in an inbox flooded with other messages.

Making the most of your email newsletter

When it comes to configuring your newsletter, there are a vast number of paths you can take. Depending on your company’s existing marketing strategy, your goals, and your target audience’s interests, you can develop a customized newsletter filled with various content.

Here are 20 ideas to get you thinking about what can be included in your email newsletter campaign:

  1. Product Updates

If you have a new product launch, it’s important to let customers know what’s coming next. Using your newsletter to ramp up excitement leading up to a new product launch is a great way to inform subscribers of new offerings that they may be interested in.

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Warby Parker: Product Launch Update
  1. Statistics and Useful Data

Including relevant company statistics and other useful industry data is a great way to show your customers that you are keeping up with key information. If you have success stats to share, it can help show your target audience what you’re capable of and add to your overall reputation.

  1. Special Deals and Offers

Offering exclusive deals through email newsletters allows you to provide a concrete reason for your customers to open and act on your messaging. It also allows you to reward your loyal customers and subscribers.

  1. Case Studies and Other Articles 

In addition to relevant data and statistics you may have access to, think about other supplemental material you may be able to share with your audience. Newsletters should have interesting content that inspires recipients to continue learning more about your company.

Case studies and other articles are beneficial, especially if you’re in an industry that utilizes them on a regular basis. Think about what your audience might find interesting that relates to your overall mission and branding.

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Calm: Case Studies and Articles
  1. Videos and Podcasts 

Emails are a great place to provide alternative forms of media content. These days, customers are always looking for videos and podcasts to consume. You can use your newsletter to share interesting videos and podcasting suggestions that may be of value to your audience.

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Bulletproof: Radio Podcast
  1. Customer Surveys and Polls

One of the most important aspects of marketing is making sure your audience feels heard and understood. One way to show your target audience that you value their opinions is by offering customer surveys and polls. These are easy to set up and allow customers the chance to offer genuine feedback directly to your team.

It’s a win-win: you’re able to gain insight on customer needs and expectations, and your customers feel a greater sense of appreciation.

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Tailor Brands: Customer Survey
  1. Interesting Quotes

While this one may seem different, it’s often very effective! Incorporating a “quote of the week” for your newsletter is one way to communicate your company’s personality and flair. Content like this allows you to show a different side of your business and the people who are involved in bringing everything to life.

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Fresh Sends: Top Quotes of the Week
  1. Behind-the-Scenes Content

Speaking of the people who bring your business to life, behind-the-scenes content is another great way to get subscribers intrigued with something truly unique. Show them what your team is up to in a casual way and help your target audience feel like they are a part of the family.

  1. Infographics

Infographics are extremely useful within the email newsletter space. You can use infographics to make any kind of information more appealing to your audience. These are also great to incorporate into your newsletters because they can be saved and shared by people very easily.

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HelloFresh: Recipe Infographic
  1. Important Dates and Upcoming Events of Interest

If you have an important date-reminder or an event coming up, your newsletter is the perfect place to provide that information to your subscribers. Giving subscribers a gentle reminder about anything exciting that’s coming up will help ensure that everyone is on the same page.

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Spotify: Upcoming Event
  1. Tips and Recommendations

While your company may be the ultimate priority for your newsletter, the fact is that sometimes you have to give credit to those around you. Offering special tips or third-party recommendations within your newsletter is a great way to leverage the connections you have within your industry.

  1. Spotlights

People love to see and hear from real people. Using a spotlight section within your newsletter to highlight and introduce both your hard-working employees and stellar customers helps you build a community of engaged and connected people. You can use this section to highlight a variety of topics that have to do with the opinions and interests of your community.

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Goodreads: Employee Reading Spotlight
  1. Recent Awards and Recognition

If your company has recently been recognized or nominated for a special award, share it within your newsletter. Share news about both big and small wins with your customers and include them in the process. This will give your subscribers something to be proud of and excited about, while also building up your company’s overall reputation.

  1. Social Media Channel Content 

Chances are that if you are a digital marketer, you’re also utilizing social media platforms to bolster your company’s online presence. If that’s the case, then feel free to include social media posts and links to your channels within your newsletter. Cross-channel promotion is one of the best ways to keep your subscribers engaged across a variety of platforms.

  1. Messages from Company Executives

Including messages from or interviews with company founders or executives is a great way to establish your company’s image within a newsletter. This kind of content gives subscribers an inside look into the minds that create the products and services that they love.

  1. Reviews and Feedback

If you’ve received positive reviews and feedback from your customers already, showcase them within your email newsletters. Instead of making potential customers search for reviews of your company, share them directly with your subscribers. This will add to the transparency of your company and allow current and potential customers to see what they’ve invested in already.

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ClassPass: Customer Reviews
  1. Thank You and Spontaneous Messages

Another great way to build up your relationship with customers is through sending thank you messages. Letting your customers know that you appreciate them is extremely important, especially if your audience includes recent event-goers or donors.

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Glossier: Spontaneous Messages
  1. FAQs

Instead of waiting for customers to contact you about potential questions regarding your products or services, you can use your newsletter to feature FAQs with helpful and thoughtful answers. This will also show that you prioritize keeping your customers in mind and informed at all times.

  1. Educational Resources

In addition to providing useful FAQs, you can also dedicate space within your newsletter to provide educational content and resources that are adjacent to your company and/or industry. This serves as a springboard for customers looking to continue exploring and expanding their horizons.

  1. Job Boards and Opportunities

Oftentimes, customers that are passionate about what your company has to offer also make great employees. Let your subscribers know of any open positions or opportunities; you never know if you’d be letting someone know that their dream job is open!

Establishing a brand for your business

One of the most important steps in establishing a brand is creating an online presence. By utilizing marketing tools like email and social media, you will be able to build a brand that people recognize and relate to.

With email newsletters, you are able to create a consistent stream of content for your subscribers, ultimately allowing you to foster a relationship with your subscribers and customers. An email newsletter campaign is one small piece of your marketing strategy that has the potential to provide a worthwhile impact.

With a newsletter, you are able to set the status quo for your audience and develop unique ways to engage with them over an extended period of time. Incorporating fun, dynamic content into your newsletters will allow your subscribers to see and understand your true identity and how it correlates to your product offerings, mission, and values.

Experimenting with content ideas like the ones we’ve covered in this blog will get you one step closer to an elevated branding strategy for your business.

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