Perfect Timing: How Automation Can Help Your Email Marketing Strategy


Perfect Timing: How Automation Can Help Your Email Marketing Strategy

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Victoria Ang
Feb 16, 2022

The exponential rise of digital marketing required companies to embrace new methods of reaching current customers and potential leads. Email marketing quickly proved itself as one of the most effective digital marketing strategies.

Today, the marketing strategy goes beyond sending monthly digital newsletters and product or service updates. Automating these emails is a valuable upgrade to your marketing strategy. Why?

  • Email automation saves time, money, and effort when implementing marketing campaigns.
  • It can cater content to the needs of your target audience. Subscribers can determine the emails they receive based on their interactions with your content (so long as they opt-in).
  • Personalized automatic emails have higher open and click-through rates, which can translate to more visits to your website and/or revenue for your company.

In this blog, we’ll explore how email marketing automation works, which easy-to-use software help, and how email automation is used to nurture leads.

Understanding the Basics of Email Marketing Automation

Unlike mass campaigns, an automatic email is sent after a user reaches a trigger on your website. It’s a strategy to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time — without doing it individually every time. It’s done by linking website analytics with your email marketing platform and targets users based on web behavior, preferences, and previous sales.

Email marketing automation gives you a few of the following benefits:

  • Segmented mailing lists. By segmenting emails lists based on subscriber behavior and demographics, you can utilize pre-existing data from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in order to create targeted, well-informed lists.
  • Constant engagement and communication. This strategy identifies which content is resonating with your audience via click-through analytics. It demonstrates messaging effectiveness and provides feedback for improvement, giving you the opportunity to fine-tune your marketing strategy as you build.
  • Conversion rate. Email automation nurtures qualified leads and helps convert them through the sales funnel effectively.
  • Strategy efficiency. Automating email marketing keeps track of customers, lead scoring, and inactive leads data, as well as return on investment (ROI) numbers.
  • Brand engagement and reputation: Personalized, timely messaging boosts engagement rates and allows current customers and leads to feel listened to. Relevant and appropriate messaging is likely to increase your brand’s digital presence and overall reputation.
  • Increased revenue. Customizing email messages and focusing on personalization in the subject line are proven ways to increase open rates by as much as 14%.

Implementing an Email Marketing Automation Software

Automation tools and software like the Marketing Manager by Mirabel Technologies provide advanced communication methods and display relevant analytics to your brand’s marketing goals. Many also explain how to integrate e-commerce with email.

Here’s a shortlist of email marketing automation’s key players:

1.  Marketing Manager

With its powerful segmentation capabilities, email address verification engine, and email automation suite, Marketing Manager allows you to seamlessly target leads and turn them into loyal customers, all while ensuring campaign deliverability and a smooth user experience.

2.  MailChimp

When it comes to email marketing campaigns with an e-commerce focus, MailChimp has your back. Bonus: It integrates with Mirabel’s entire software suite, including Magazine Manager.

3.  Constant Contact

Constant Contact proudly integrates with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, and Volusion to make the online shopping experience a smooth one.

4.  HubSpot

HubSpot features multiple platforms, or “hubs,” that cater to your company’s specific goals. With Sales Hub and Marketing Hub, you’ll find all the tools required to meet your email marketing automation needs.

5.  Marketo

Marketo lets you send personalized emails using an assortment of user-friendly templates. You can then review your campaign’s results with the platform’s performance reports, which can be easily accessed via Marketo’s mobile app.

By implementing automation tools into your strategy, you unlock a new level of marketing potential and increase the opportunity to gain revenue. To determine which software is best for you, focus on areas where your email strategy could improve.

Getting the Most Out of Your Email Marketing Efforts

In a digital world of overwhelming information, brands are constantly competing for the attention of online subscribers. For an effective, efficient email marketing strategy, automation is key. It helps you reach the right audience at the right time with the right message, and it requires less work than traditional digital marketing strategies. Digital automation software strengthen and streamline these marketing efforts, driving real results more cleanly than ever before.

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