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An Overview: The Importance of Content Marketing

Christie Calahan
Mar 22, 2016
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According to modern business strategists and marketing experts, Content Marketing is the key to success in this age of Internet and e-commerce. Why is content getting so much importance in marketing when we still have online advertising, the conventional way of influencing buyers, as an option? Well, did you notice that ads can be annoying at times? When an ad pops up on the screen, you often close it or block it by changing the browser settings and go back to what you were doing. To the contrary, you bookmark the websites that publish the content of your interest and even subscribe to it. 

Content Adds Value to Your Brand

Content should be interesting, relevant and fun to read. It can relate to your target customers’ problems and emotions quickly and inspire them in taking actions. Content can guide them in solving their problems. Content must provide useful information. Most importantly, quality content not only attracts prospective customers, but makes them loyal visitors to your website. In short, highly-targeted content in its various forms such as text, image, video, PowerPoint presentation, infographics, podcast, and emails help you increase your reach, improve your brand image, increase sales conversion, and retain your customers. 

Content Marketing Builds your Brand

Content marketing refers to creating, curating, and sharing valuable content for free to generate website traffic, build an audience, generate leads and convert them into sales. 

With the growing number of internet users and flourishing e-commerce, digital marketing outperforms the traditional ways of marketing and content plays a crucial role. Search engines keep refining their algorithms in an ongoing effort to provide the best possible results to search queries. So, providing good content, both in terms of readability and effectiveness, is important to grow your audience. However, you need a well-defined, comprehensive content marketing strategy to achieve your branding goals. 

Cost-effective Channels for Content Marketing

There are a number of ways you can generate and promote content for the benefit of your business. For example –

  • Blogs
  • Social media 
  • Video and PowerPoint presentations
  • Email newsletters 
  • White papers
  • Free e-books/reports 

Buyers are Becoming Wiser

Advertisements talk about your product, but content provides useful information that consumers need to make an informative purchase decision. Similarly, too much of product-centric content may drive your readers away. Rather developing buyer-centric content can get you the desired result as it helps customers relate to your business more easily and trust your brand.

Social Media is More Important than Ever 

Almost everyone is on social media these days. Informative, useful, or inspirational content can go viral over the social media, and thereby giving your brand the much needed ‘word-of-mouth’ exposure, which ads cannot. Most importantly, content marketing is a cost-effective option with most social media and online sharing platforms being free to access.

Search Engines Favor Quality Content

Finally, when it comes to promoting your content, online you cannot ignore search engines. Google appreciates quality content that adds value to its users. So, content is the prime reason for a website’s ranking on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Freshness and relevancy of content are key factors as well.

Big brands have long realized the importance of content in marketing. An effective marketing strategy focuses on the continuous development of valuable content and utilizing all possible channels for content sharing and promotion.

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