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Best Practices For LinkedIn Business In 2020

Mary McCormick
Jul 15, 2019
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Put on your suits and nix the OMGs and LOLs, because we mean business. By we, I mean LinkedIn and me.

Unlike other trending social media platforms, LinkedIn means business and ONLY business. This makes LinkedIn a lucrative platform for a company’s professional content, highlighting your business, and potential hires.

Let’s go over LinkedIn’s structural features so we can get into how to make an eye-catching business profile.

LinkedIn features

When a business is searched on LinkedIn, the top of the page shows your header, profile picture, and headline. As with all social media, high-quality headers and profile pictures are imperative.

Best Practices of LinkedIn headers, Profile Pictures, and Headlines

  • Create a simple profile picture with a logo or something distinct to your brand
  • Be creative with your header. Use a fun graphic or picture of customers using your product or service.
  • Explain what you do and why in your headlines

Urban Outfitters’header and profile picture is a good example of this.

1. Homepage

The homepage for a business profile shows company updates that users can sort by top posts or recent posts.

Additionally, it features a side-bar with tabs to navigate to different pages.

2. About Page

The about page contains information about your company as long as you provide it.

Best Practices for Your About Page

  • Provide as much information as possible
  • Write a creative and exciting company overview
  • Tag industry-related specialties

Read Google’s company overview below to help your overview ideas start flowing.

3. Jobs Page

The Jobs page is the equivalent of a digital HELP WANTED sign. Post any job opening here and list the qualifications needed for the job. This page can be fruitful in matching qualified applicants searching for a job to your company. How? Check this out.

When I searched Google, this tab showed up next to their profile. I clicked “see jobs” and typed in “content writer,” and a list of job openings for content writers at Google appeared. I can also add more filters based on location and other factors that I desire to refine my search.

I can even turn on “job alert”  for content writer positions, and LinkedIn will match me with content writer positions that match my qualifications and desires.

Best Practices for Your Jobs Page

Be thorough with your job description, so when potential applicants turn on filters, both your company and the prospective applicants can let the algorithm work for you to make the best matches.

4. Life Page

The life page is where you can showcase your company culture. Do you have team building workshops, do community service, or have something unique that adds to your company’s character? This is what you can put on the life page.

This is McDonald’s life page. Check out some of the features that make their company stand out.

5. People Page

Employee’s personal LinkedIn profiles include where they work. Because of this, LinkedIn can use the information they provided, such as education and location, and aggregate the data.

Google’s aggregated data looks like this:

Best Practices for Your People Page

  • Ask your employees to make a LinkedIn if they don’t have one
  • Ask them to make sure their profile is up to date
6. Ads Page

The Ads page features all the ads you’ve posted on LinkedIn. We will go more in-depth with ad usage in a future blog, but here’s what Google’s ads page looks like:

7. Posting On LinkedIn

This is what the platform looks like when you go to post. You can post text, add video, upload documents, add pictures, or recognize collogues’ work. You can also add hashtags to extend your posts’ reach.

Best Posting Practices

i. Add images to your posts

LinkedIn found that adding images to your posts lead to a 2x higher comment rate.

ii. Re-post your employees’ posts

Not only will your employees feel valued, but your employees extend your network’s reach. Encourage employees to post their work. On average, employees have ten times more first degree connections than your company.

iii. Make a posting schedule

Plan your posts ahead of time to ensure you’re providing content at the right times.

iv. Diversify your content

I mean this in two ways:

Post different types of content (videos, articles, pictures, etc.). It will give your page character.

Also, LinkedIn recommends that you balance the content you share between your organic content and reposted content from other industry-related sources. By reposting content from other industry-related sources, you are giving your product or service credibility (hopefully).

v. See who’s visiting your page and generate leads

LinkedIn provides analytics on how many people have viewed your profile, and when they viewed it. This allows you to understand how much traffic your posts are driving to your profile.

Additionally, you can see a list of the individuals that viewed your profile. Go through the people who viewed your profile. Could they be potential leads? If so, send them a quick message that says something like “Hi, I saw you viewed our profile, and I wanted to know if you’d want to set up a call to chat about how our product/service could benefit (insert company name)?”

LinkedIn can be intimidating considering the level of professionalism on the platform, but remembering these best practices can help you stand out:

  • Inspiring headline
  • Distinct profile picture and creative header
  • Fill out all the information on your about page
  • Post job openings with detailed descriptions
  • Show off company culture on your life page
  • Use images in your posts
  • Repost employees posts
  • Make a posting schedule
  • Diversify content
  • See who’s visiting your page to generate leads
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