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The Next Generation of CRMs

Nathan Cenovski
Mar 20, 2017
CRM tools

In today’s competitive marketplace, every organization can benefit from using a CRM. In fact, implementing a CRM has become a necessary growth stage in the lifecycle of most businesses.

Over the last 20 years, companies have migrated away from maintaining client and prospect records via notebooks, spreadsheets, and “mental notes. In fact, until a company makes the final logical move to use software dedicated to keeping the full team organized, a company will often face challenges when trying to efficiently manage client relationships.

While the technical process of record-keeping has become more sophisticated over the years, the changing needs of companies have prompted CRM providers to improve and diversify their offerings. For example, over the last ten years, cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) models have become the preferable choice over on-site, installed applications. After all, SaaS solutions are generally more secure, affordable, scalable and mobile-friendly - which is critical for geographically dispersed sales teams.

Now that the cloud-based trend has essentially become the norm for CRMs, the software industry is tackling yet another wave of CRM evolution.  Many businesses need to combat intensifying competition, which is why “new world” CRMs are starting to address challenges further up the sales funnel.

Many businesses struggle with finding qualified, responsive prospects so some CRMs are offering lead generation and digital marketing enhancements. Lead generation systems help identify website visitors, and some systems can also predict who is most interested based on digital behavior.

website visitors

While lead generation is a big leap away from the typical client cards, manual notes, and arbitrary pipeline stages, most sales reps benefit from additional marketing functionality.  If your CRM can build a bigger pool of warm prospects, your sales team will likely increase its chances of closing.

Furthermore, if you knew every interaction a lead has had with your digital marketing efforts, you would have a better understanding of what really motivates the buyer. If you solely rely on what a sales rep hears, remembers and notates in the system, you could easily overlook a big sales opportunity. Web-based interactions, including email clicks and web page views, provide important insight that your sales reps can leverage during sales calls.

This is precisely why Mirabel’s Marketing Manager came to fruition. In today’s digital age, consumers are more likely to interact with a search engine than spend time speaking with a live salesperson. When your team has insight into what motivates each prospect, they are better equipped to influence a purchase with techniques like account-based marketing. Rather than relying on one-size-fits-all messaging and hoping the phone rings, why not embrace where the CRM evolution is going? Contact us and we’ll show you.

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