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The Best Social Media Tools for Your Business In 2020

Thomas McCormick
Oct 21, 2019
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Social media can be an unnavigable jungle of apps, add-ons and algorithms if you approach it blindly. Luckily for users, an abundance of tools are available to make your social media experience more efficient and organized.

Social media is a great way to gain brand awareness that doesn’t require a substantial amount of money. Social media is currently at the heart of most businesses' marketing strategies and is predicted to grow even larger.

The key to success with social media is developing a good strategy, and a good strategy can be developed with the help of various social media tools. These tools can help with content curation, lead generation, content creation, security and analytics.

1. Content curation

i. Buffer

With its user-friendly interface, Buffer provides marketers with the necessary insights to find their real audience. The software allows you to schedule posts on any platform and evaluate the analytics of past posts.

It’s helpful for assembling information relevant to business interests like target groups, for example. Buffer can be used for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

ii. Hootsuite

Known for its simplicity, Hootsuite allows users to gauge content engagement to know if their marketing strategy is working. The interface, designed as a dashboard, makes it easy to view and analyze social media platforms. Posts can be scheduled for the highest activity times of the day to increase effectiveness.

2. Lead generation

i. OptinMonster

Lead generation involves finding information about your audience and attracting them to your website or account. OptinMonster helps you engage with larger audiences at the perfect time by creating leads. It uses eye-catching templates and pop-ups to gather leads. It can also be used to create persuasive email sign-up forms on websites and social media.

ii. Audiense

Audiense, a social media intelligence tool, helps you find the right people to target with posts, emails and advertisements. Additionally, it allows you to understand what response you’ll get to your marketing strategies. It can simply be described as a tool to help develop customer relationships. Demos can be booked to get familiar with all of the features.

3. Content creation

i. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo can help you find popular online trends to base your content on. With the software, you can choose a category and it will list popular posts to use as references. It also includes information on influencers who could be beneficial to your marketing strategy.

Used by many large brands, publishers and agencies, Buzzsumo has proven to be effective at finding the best performing online content. You can try the tool for free here.

ii. Tagboard

Similar to other content creation tools, Tagboard allows you to follow trends and popular content without much effort. It provides real-time examples from social media networks for informative displays. These displays are useful for websites, apps and broadcasted events.

Tagboard connects a business to its community while building consumer trust. In fact, 92% of customers value and trust earned media over other forms of advertising. Tagboard can also be used to learn how trends develop and thrive for upcoming marketing campaigns.

4. Security


The cyber security tool, ZeroFox, protects businesses from hacks, malware, piracy and counterfeit information on social media platforms. It keeps your customers safe from scammers and removes dangerous content that could threaten your business’s reputation. This tool is functional on all popular social media platforms.

5. Reporting and analytics

i., used solely for Instagram, provides accurate analytics on social media. It allows you to gauge marketing campaign performance, view competitor strategy and connect with popular influencers. The free version allows you to analyze engagement rates, but many other features require paid upgrades.

ii. Nuvi

Nuvi is a very popular tool that visualizes your marketing results for easier comprehension. Nuvi is practical for launching effective campaigns and measuring their impact. It helps marketers alter their strategies, based on analytical evidence. Request a demo if you need to try it out before taking the plunge.

Are social media tools worth it?

Short answer: Yes. These tools all serve different purposes to boost your marketing efforts and develop a strong customer base. Although prices vary, every tool on this list can be useful for your business’s performance on social media platforms in some way. Determining which tool best fits your strategy and personal preferences will take a bit of patience and a little more than a bit of research, but the end results will be worth it.

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