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What is Clean Your List from Mirabel Technologies?

Kelly Jacobson
Nov 17, 2020
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What is Clean Your List from Mirabel Technologies?

Email marketing is vital to every digital marketing strategy, but the key to its success is verifying your email lists. To improve email deliverability, stack ROI, and actually reach your audience, you need to invest in an email verification tool. 

Clean Your List is a new affordable email verification software from Mirabel Technologies. Used as a standalone platform, Clean Your List is the latest addition to the suite of affordable SaaS products.
This instant email verification tool helps users “deploy email marketing campaigns with confidence” by catching invalid and unknown email addresses, as well as detecting GDPR IP addresses through: 

  • Individual or bulk email list cleaning
  • Fast, real-time verification of email addresses
  • Increased email deliverability 
The interface for Clean Your List, an affordable email verification service, is easy to use and works fast.

How Does Clean Your List Work?

If you’re using Mirabel’s Marketing Manager:

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Import your email list in an .XLS, .XLSX, .ODS, .CSV, or .TXT format. 
  3. This email verification tool automatically scans your new email list to valid, invalid, and unknown emails. 
  4. Emails are automatically reverified monthly. They are categorized accordingly when you send email campaigns through the Email Builder or the publishing CRM.

If you’re not using Mirabel’s Marketing Manager: 

  1. If you don’t receive an email right away, please check all folders (Promotional, Social, Spam, Trash) to locate the email. 
  2. If it still hasn’t arrived, double-check that your email address was spelled and formatted correctly.
  3. If you don’t receive an email at all, please try re-registering or contacting the system administrator at
  • Log in to upload your email list in an .XLS, .XLSX, .ODS, .CSV, or .TXT format, or type one address at a time in the single email verification module.
  • After pressing the play button, each email address is automatically scanned for proper formatting, valid inboxes and email providers, and more.
  • Clean Your List categorizes each email address: Valid, invalid, or unknown. 
  • If you’re doing bulk email list cleaning, we email you a new list. You can also download the new list on your Clean Your List account by clicking the cloud button with the arrow. If you’re using the single verification module, we’ll tell you an address’ validity within seconds.

5 Reasons Why You Need Email Verification Tools 

1. Email validation tools help avoid spam filters. Sending email marketing campaigns to invalid, mistyped, improperly formatted, or fake email addresses can harm your sender reputation.
Because of this, automated workflows and digital newsletters can get sent to the spam folder or fall into phishing scams or honeypot traps. Even worse, your emails can get auto-blocked or blacklisted by popular Internet service providers like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and more.

2. Email validation helps you reach your audience. The goal of every email marketing campaign is to connect with your target audience. With a clean, accurate, and verified email list, it’s easier than ever to reach the right people. Contact valuable leads, boost conversions, and increase profit for your business. 

3. Clean Your List also cleans your CRM. Scrubbing email lists is great for email marketing, but it’s also helpful for CRM software. By identifying invalid and unknown email addresses, you can update your CRM accordingly. This makes lead scoring more efficient and accurate. It also ensures that your salespeople are putting their time and effort into qualified opportunities instead of pinging empty inboxes. 

4. This digital marketing tool helps improve email analytics. Generally, up to one third of contacts on your email list become obsolete within a year. Scrubbing your email list before sending campaigns and newsletters improves reports for email marketing, so you can tell if your marketing strategy is actually working. It’s an instant boost to ROI.
Cleaning your email list should reflect the following email analytics:

  • Low unsubscribe rates
  • Little to no spam complaints
  • Fewer soft and hard bounces 
  • A positive sender reputation
  • High open rates 
  • High engagement rates  
Thanks to the email validation tool, the email analytics from this campaign in Mirabel’s Marketing Manager are accurate and impressive.

5. Cleaning your email list reduces marketing costs. According to digital marketing expert Neil Patel, “Email service providers often charge based on the size of your database. You’ll pay more to email 50,000 people than you would to email 5,000 people.
Therefore, it makes sense to clean your email list from a cost perspective. There’s no reason to pay to email people who aren’t actively engaging with your messages.

As a result, you get an ROI boost. Since you’re only sending email to people who are interested in what you have to say, you’ll get more opens and click-throughs. It’s a win-win strategy.”

How Much Does It Cost to Clean Your List?

Clean Your List offers 1,500 free credits to use upon registration, the most of any email verification tool!
Each free credit equates to one email address verification. Credits can be used for either the bulk email list or single verification options.
Once you’ve used up your free credits, Clean Your List offers two payment plans to fit into any marketing budget: Monthly subscriptions and one-time purchases.

  • Monthly subscriptions are recurring charges and sorted by number of credits. For example, if you’d like a subscription to verify 10,000 emails per day, it charges a recurring $150 a month. This works out to less than a penny per email!
  • One-time purchases are just that: A one-time charge to verify a certain number of email addresses. For a single list of 10,000 emails, it charges just $35. 

This marketing tool even emails you a PDF invoice for either option, so you can track your email marketing budget accordingly.
P.S. If you’re using Clean Your List with Mirabel’s Marketing Manager, verifications are included

Resources on Email Verification, Deliverability, and Marketing

If you’d like to learn more about the importance of verifying email lists and improving email deliverability, check out these go-to resources on email marketing from around the web: 

  • For email deliverability: 
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  3. How Do You Check Your Sender Reputation? How Can You Fix a Bad One?
  • For email lists: 
  1. The Difference Between Valid and Invalid Email Addresses
  2. Effective Email List Cleaning: When, Why, and How to Scrub
  3. How to Re-Engage Dead Email Subscribers
  • For email marketing: 
  1. Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing
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  3. The Best Free Tools for Email Subject Lines
  4. 7 Helpful Tips to Effective Email Marketing

If you’d like to learn more about Clean Your List and/or Mirabel’s Marketing Manager, contact us for a free demo today!

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