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Discover Who and What Drives Each Buyer Decision

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Our robust CRM guides your marketing and sales tactics forward. 

From client acquisition and lead generation to customer retention and brand loyalty, the CRM in Mirabel’s Marketing Manager drives higher ROI in every business strategy.

Discover predictive analytics based on customer behavior. 

Mirabel’s Marketing Manager CRM extracts meaningful insights based on client and lead generation data. 

  • Track website visit history, email open rates, sources, and interest in content marketing
  • Predict buyer decisions by following a lead’s clickstream and identifying patterns  
  • View and add notes to contact interactions in a clean, easy-to-read dashboard 

Create better marketing and sales strategies. 

Save time, effort, and money by properly aligning marketing and sales strategies with our CRM and marketing automation software.

  • Support sales and marketing, deliver actionable insights, and facilitate team communication
  • Ask for and segment customer feedback to improve your database marketing and sales strategies
  • Discover and sort your top customers with lead scoring tools

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