Mirabel Technologies Launches New Email Verification Tool

Mirabel Technologies Launches New Email Verification Tool

Clean Your List is the latest of Mirabel Technologies’ growing suite of SaaS products.

Fort Lauderdale, FL: Mirabel Technologies launched “Clean Your List,” a new email marketing tool designed to auto-verify email lists or individual email addresses. The email verification tool identifies valid, invalid, and unknown email addresses.

“Businesses don’t often realize that email addresses become inactive and invalid for various reasons,” said Mark McCormick, president of Mirabel Technologies. “Yet they remain on email lists. This makes updating email lists and CRMs challenging.
We’re answering that call with an email validation platform and, more importantly, we integrated the feature into Mirabel’s Marketing Manager, our marketing automation platform, as a way to identify inactive and invalid contacts.”

Clean Your List will assist digital marketers in increasing delivery rates, as well as decreasing unsubscribe rates, spam complaints, and hard bounces. The email validation tool will also help increase email engagement rates, update overflowing CRMs, create a positive sender reputation, and increase domain authority. 

As an email verification tool, Clean Your List offers 1,500 free email validations for new users. It is then available for purchase as a monthly subscription or one-time fee, dependent upon the number of email addresses. The tool does not charge for duplicate or unknown email addresses. 

For more information about Mirabel Technologies’ new email validation tool, visit cleanyourlist.mirabeltechnologies.com

About Mirabel Technologies: Mirabel Technologies is a privately owned international software company. Its original vision to help publishers in a challenging media environment launched The Magazine Manager, the first web-based CRM for publishers, in 2003. Since then, Mirabel Technologies’ suite grew to include Mirabel’s DigitalStudio, The Newspaper Manager, Flip & Share, and Mirabel’s Marketing Manager, a marketing automation platform

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