Mirabel’s Marketing Manager Announces Zapier Integration To Help Clients Leverage Data From 750+ Software Apps


Fort Lauderdale, FL – To help improve the process of attracting and acquiring new clients, Mirabel Technologies, creator of The Marketing Manager lead identification and marketing automation CRM platform, has developed an integration shortcut that automates the flow of data between its own system and third party applications using Zapier, a leading web integration platform designed for non-technical users.

By creating this “gateway” within Zapier, Mirabel’s Marketing Manager users can now automate the exchange of data between their own CRM system and just about any other software tool they use. Since many Mirabel clients rely on the Marketing Manager’s built-in business directory of 90+ million contacts, clients can now add new workflows that nurture these incoming leads by using this Zapier integration.

“Most marketing professionals do not want to switch landing page and email marketing platforms just to log prospects’ marketing interactions within their CRM. Now that our clients have this added flexibility [through Zapier], it will make the adoption of our product even easier,” said Nathan Cenovski, Senior Account Executive, of Mirabel Technologies.

Since Cenovski oversees sales for Mirabel’s Marketing Manager, he understands that marketing departments may not be open to switching more than one software tool within their tech environment. Furthermore, some clients with unique needs may opt to further customize their marketing workflows when they incorporate these new Zapier templates.

“By creating these [Marketing Manager] shortcuts within Zapier, businesses can centralize and analyze more marketing data without requiring additional tech resources,” said Mark McCormick, President, of Mirabel Technologies.

So far, Mirabel’s Marketing Manager has 10 pre-built Zapier templates for popular programs including MailChimp, Unbounce, Wufoo, Google Docs, Salesforce, and more. However, the number of templates will continue to grow based on client demand.

“Nearly any marketing task within your tech environment can be automated through our Zapier integration. Several tedious tasks such as importing, exporting, data appending, and other sales and marketing processes can practically be eliminated when our clients use these Zapier shortcuts,” said Prudhvi Manthena, Director of Technology, at Mirabel Technologies, India.

Matt Lukso, Marketing Partner Specialist, at Zapier, also sees the potential of Mirabel’s Marketing Manager and Zapier’s integration.

“The launch of the Zapier and Mirabel’s Marketing Manager integration allows users to connect Mirabel’s Marketing Manager to 750+ other apps and introduces countless automated workflows into the marketing process. Marketers can help drive conversions by communicating leads to and from any of their favorite tools automatically,” said Lukso.

For more information on the Mirabel’s Marketing Manager and Zapier integration, please visit the Mirabel’s Marketing Manager zap book and blog page. Product demos can also be scheduled by visiting www.mirabelsmarketingmanager.com, and interviews with Mirabel Technologies’ senior leadership team will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

About Mirabel Technologies

Mirabel Technologies is an international software company that is well-known for creating the first web-based publishing CRM, The Magazine Manager, which now serves more 15,000 media properties worldwide. Since its initial product launch, several other successful product launches followed suit, including The Newspaper Manager, an extension of The Magazine Manager, and Mirabel’s Marketing Manager, a marketing CRM with lead generation capabilities.

"While combining lead scoring capabilities, organized priority fields, and a strong regular process, [Mirabel's] Marketing Manager helped me surpass my revenue goal much earlier than I expected.
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