Website Visitor Tracking

Website Visitor Tracking

Unmask Anonymous Website Visitors. Find Vital Contact Information. 
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Advance Lead Generation Tactics 

Most website visitors will leave your website without a single click. 

Among everyday website traffic, a steady stream of interested leads visits your site. However, most don’t click a link, much less fill out a contact form. 

Who are these leads? Are they high quality and likely to convert? What will motivate them to click around your website?

In order to answer these common questions, you need the website visitor tracking software from Mirabel’s Marketing Manager.

Turn Anonymous Web Traffic Into Real Leads

You have seconds to make an impact.
Do you know when to call and what to say?

Our marketing automation software puts a face to the click by tracking known and anonymous website traffic, capturing hidden characteristics of website visitors, and tracing them back to unique digital identifiers, including emails and IP addresses. With each click traced back to their first visit, you can identify which marketing campaigns worked and how to capture the lead. 

In addition to email and IP addresses, Mirabel’s Marketing Manager finds relevant company data, including company size, location, and annual revenue, to discover which key decision makers are interested in your products.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Mirabel's Marketing Manager gives you answers before you call.

Our website visitor tracking software makes it easy to find the most marketing qualified leads who are ready to talk. Receive alerts when quality leads visit your website, and assign lead scores based on website traffic, content downloads, and email activity. These logged digital interactions help tailor your pitch to the right person at the right time.

Generate High-Quality Leads Today

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