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Landing Pages, Forms, and Workflows

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Manage, automate, and optimize business processes through our customizable marketing automation software tools.

Mirabel’s Marketing Manager offers a full suite of marketing automation creation and analyzation tools, including the Landing Page Builder, Form Builder, and Workflows. 
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Software Automation Tools to Reduce Manual Error and Boost Productivity

Customize workflows that work for your company

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Landing Page Builder: Convert website visitors into leads.

  • Create a landing page from scratch, replicate a favorite, or build from our Template Gallery 
  • Link the landing page directly to your website domain
  • Edit the copy, title, meta description, and keywords
  • Design it with your logo, call-to-action, images, fonts, colors, and more
  • Preview the landing page on desktop and mobile before publishing
  • View total conversion rate 
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Form Builder: Capture a lead’s information for the CRM.

  • Create a form with various fields, including contact information, question-and-answer options, and dropdown menus
  • Copy submitted data directly to the CRM 
  • Enable error message, disclaimers, and Recaptcha to avoid fake form fills 
  • Design it with your call-to-action, fonts, colors, and thank you message
  • Ability to restrict form conversions from Competitor Domains and Public Domains
  • View linked landing pages and total conversion rate
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Workflow Automation: Let our marketing automation software do the work for you

  • Create a workflow by selecting a trigger (form submission, new profile, event, email activity, or Webhook)
  • Automate Production and Subscription communications with CRM and date-based workflow triggers
  • To follow the trigger, select an action (send email, place condition, delay, add or remove group, or add or remove tag) 
  • Fill in the details until the workflow is complete, then set it and forget it

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