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Accelerate Sales & Gain Insight with Sales & Marketing CRM Software

When your sales reps are equipped with the right tools at their fingertips, they have the knowledge and the confidence to close more deals. While most CRMs offer great tracking and sorting capabilities, Mirabel’s Marketing Manager determines a prospect’s level of interest, position at a company and their full circle of influence. Altogether, this unique formula answers the three big questions slowing down the sales process.
Solving these three sticking points without expending effort makes Mirabel’s Marketing Manager the ultimate “wingman”. Your sales team can build a high-quality database of leads, and effectively optimize sales efforts.

A Shortcut to Closing More Sales

Learning about a lead and their co-workers without having to ask them is an advantage and a time-saver. Once a prospect is deemed a qualified decision-maker, leads can be added to your CRM in an instant.
"While combining lead scoring capabilities, organized priority fields, and a strong regular process, The Marketing Manager helped me surpass my revenue goal much earlier than I expected.
Garry Schleifer, CEO
Choice, The Magazine of Professional Coaching
"I have previously used Hubspot and in addition to costing far less, it [Marketing Manager] is a far more powerful tool for lead identification and prospecting.
Mike Cook
Sales & Marketing Manager, Dynamic Network Support

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